Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Group Hills....and a potential gong show

Tonight I met up with some of the ladies in the running group to run around Cardel Place on the northeast side of town. Originally it was looking like it was just going to be Stacey (the bringer of the birthday cake a couple of weeks ago) and I, but three other gals showed up as well. I was running a couple of minutes late as our group at work had gone out for drinks to say farewell to our co-op intern who is going back to finish off his last year of school. Except while my coworkers enjoyed some Guinness, or a Chambord martini, or an Alexander Keiths...I had water. Because I thought beers before hills might make for a bad combo. Anyhow....I made it to Cardel just in time to start our hilly run. The first mile and a half was essentially all uphill, but then we had an amazing decent overlooking Country Hills Golf Course. Then it was back uphill a bit more, and a pace pick up all the way back to the start. I really enjoyed running with the group - it sorted of took your mind of the hills a bit, and I definitely pushed the pace in the last 2 miles more than I would have on my own, but felt comfortable doing so. I don't normally post my mile splits, but they look interesting to me today, so: 11:31/11:08/11:04/9:54/9:04. Afterwards a couple of us went to Booster Juice for a smoothie before calling it a night.
OK...seriously, what have I done..?? On my way home I got a call from a lady who noticed that I had curled in a Greenhorn (beginners) league last year. She organizes a rec league of her own and she was recruiting new players. Now let me tell you - last year was my first attempt at curling and it was quite the gong show. Ice and I are not friends balance-wise and I'm surprised I didn't lose a tooth from falling forwards and nearly hitting a rock. Gong show or not, curling was fun... I'm debating in my head...going over my crazy Excel spreadsheet of all my training runs and trips...but at the end of the day I couldn't pass up the chance to curl in an actual league. Games run October through March on Sundays. This should be interesting... The games are in the mornings, which should leave my afternoons clear for my long runs, which would probably happen in the afternoons anyway since I'll want to wait until it warms up. And I've made sure that there is a sub list in place since I know there will be weekends in October, December and January when I won't be able to play.


Leah said...

I am very jealous that we don't have the clime for curling in Tennessee!

Bill said...

If only curling made it down to FL! I absolutely love watching curling when they show it during the olympics (which, of course, is the only time you'll see curling on TV in FL).

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, curling! Watching that rock slide across the ice, while people sweep away the ice. I can’t believe it isn’t on Pay-Per-View television! Well is shouldn’t tire you out in the morning…..

Have fun.

Moon said...

congrats on the splits! those are some *great* times :)

and the curling sounds like so much fun, I'm completely jealous! I always thought the sport looked neat after seeing "Men with Brooms".