Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Goofy Challenge Training Program

I know a lot of people happen across my blog because they are looking for ways to train for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (thanks Site Meter!). Really, no one has ever put together an official training program for the Goofy, so what do you do if you want to adequately prepare for this monstrosity? From the people I have talked to, the key is getting yourself used to the back to back long runs. Hal Higdon's intermediate and advanced plans take this into account, but I felt like the mid-week mileage was more than I wanted to tackle at this point in time. After jigging and re-rigging my training plan many, many times I think I came up with something that would work for me - a plan that involves running 4 times a week, with back to back "short long runs" (SLRs) on Saturday and "long long runs" (LLRs) on Sundays, reasonable mid week mileage, increases in long run weeks of about 10%, and some time in the middle for cross training. I made it work with my mileage base that I'm at and went from there. So here it is, I'm putting it out there for information only.
***Big Disclaimer*** This is my plan...I take no responsibility for anyone who would want to attempt this plan as you have to work with where you are at. As I have never completed the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge and I make no guarantee that this plan will work.

As you can see I have made sure that I included plenty of time in my schedule for fun and merriment. If you count running as fun and merriment. And yes, I really like to colour code things on Excel... If anyone has any advice on glaring mistakes they see waiting to happen, I am all ears...


Angry Runner said...

You made a spreadsheet. I ate potato chips. That's my training plan.

Garou said...

My "training plan" (such as it is, since it's mostly kept in my head) looks vaguely similar, though a bit more . . .intense, since I am in the final stages of preparation for Chicago, and planning for the Detroit Marathon (also in October). I think you hit the main points - back to back long runs, with a slow increase and plenty of time to recover from the increased mileage. Good luck with your plan!

mkymsehi said...

Good luck in the Goofy.

I'll be out there running with my racing buddy from California. I'm traveling from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Have fun in the Magic Kingdom and beyond.


Anonymous said...

I am up for any advice. Just ran my first Disney Half (actually my first run ever over 10.5). Finished in 1:47 an now I'm hooked. Want to try the training sched shown, but can't quite read it. Is there another place I can see it? And am I nuts, or what??!!

Tony said...

Congratulations on completing the Goofy! It's good to see someone else out there with a color-coded Excel-based training plan. Did you run into any unexpected issues during either race?