Thursday, October 4, 2007

A group run over lunch - a new recruit!

It was time to get a run in over lunch today, so I met up with Tamie, one of the ladies I met through Instructor S's running group. Also, a girl in my office, Pauline, is keen to join for runs even though she hasn't done much running so far. A new running recruit! I checked the temperature before leaving the office - 3 deg C!! Or 37 deg F... I did not pack my running clothes for 3 deg C weather so all of a sudden I was nervous. I grabbed my woolly cap and mits and Pauline and I took off to meet Tamie. As soon as we hit the pathway at the river we started running and within 30 sec I took off the hat and mits - too hot! This weather is a tricky one to figure out how to dress appropriately for... I was planning on running 4 mi, but since Pauline is still new to all of this she only joined us part way. She did a great job keeping up, and she is becoming gung ho on this running thing. is addictive! She's going to aim to run a race soon, as she's working hard to convince a few runners in our office that have fallen off the bandwagon that they should join for Thursday lunch time runs as well. I read a great article in the New York Times over the joys of group running, and it is true. You make true friends while out running - you bond faster than you might normally otherwise do, and all topics of conversation are on the table. I've really enjoyed running with Tamie so far and I feel like we share some great conversation. I logged 4.17 miles to make for 10 miles for the week so far. Tonight I'm off to see the Flames take on the Philly Flyers in their NHL home season opener. Fingers crossed for a good game!


No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Recruit, recruit, recruit! I really need to find me a running buddy. It'll help me to get through that mile 2 "this sucks I want to go home" slump. I read that NYT article yesterday and it gave me the kick in the shorts that I need to go track down a running club. Good stuff!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Misery loves company. That’s great that you’re spreading the word. The running community can always use more runners.

Amanda said...

I love walking with my friends, but I'm still figuring out the running together thing. I love new recruits though!