Friday, February 1, 2008

A busy week

Four days off at home was all I was able to handle, but the good news is I do feel better. I managed to keep myself pretty busy while I was at home. I:
  • Watched the Wedding Date.
  • Watched the first DVD for Pride and Prejudice.
  • Watched Catch and Release.
  • Watched a lot of the Food Network.
  • Watched a lot of Friends. In Calgary you can watch Friends from 6 pm through to at least 9 pm, and sometimes through till 10 pm on weeknights.
  • Deconstructed the January through September 2006 issues of Food and Wine magazine and filed all of the recipes and wine reviews into a binder.
  • Broke my programmable thermostat when I got up from my couch that has a ridiculous static charge on it (that's what you get when you live in such a dry climate) and attempted to change the temperature on the thermostat. I zapped it when I touched it, the screen went blank, came back on and was unresponsive.
  • Replaced the broken programmable thermostat.
  • Estimated the cost to replace the carpet in my living room with laminate flooring.
  • Made Asian Chicken Noodle soup and Split Pea soup.
  • Planned the themed food with my big bro for the Superbowl Party this weekend. New York, New England and Arizona will all be represented well.
  • Spent some air miles to book a flight to Orlando for the Minnie Marathon.
  • Saw Atonement, an absolutely amazing movie.
  • Put my training schedule for the entire year into an Excel spreadsheet. Training for the Minnie starts Feb 11 and as soon as that is done I start training for Quebec City. After Quebec I get two weeks off and then I start training for the Mickey. It is going to be a busy year, but thanks to Hal Higdon I know what direction I'm going in.


Speed Racer said...

Sounds like a productive 4 days. Way more productive than my couch time, although my thermostat survived...

I start on Feb 11 too! It's like we're training buddies!!!!!

Glad you're feeling better.

Mark I. said...

Hey! I just noticed you added some races to our calendar. Looks like you have a busy race season this year. Good luck!

And I won't hold it against you that you're from Calgary ;-)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Even when you’re sick you in “go’ mode. Make sure you all the way well.

Melinda said...

Glad to hear you're signed up for the mickey! Mike's hemming & hawing over it - I think he's leaning more towards a cool fall marathon (he'll probably put in for NY again & see if he gets in) & run the donald again. I'm thinking of the Donald, too - a good post-baby goal! Sucks you have bronchitis, I've just got a head/chest cold & it sucks. Get better!!!

Sonia said...

This is going to be a busy year for you!!

I can assure you that Quebec city is a great place to start your tour of Eastern Canada. Beautiful place. =)

I have never run this race and it is not on my target list so far because I live to far driving distance at the moment.

There is a review of the event (from 2005 though) on the following website:

Hope you starting to feel better!

P.O.M. said...

HOly Crap. That is tres productive.

Allison said...

Damn, girl! Busy bee.

Scott said...

You're having a Superbowl party in CANADA? I hope you have a good time. I am having some people from my church over for the game.

Susan Oseen said...

Hey Leana, I hope you are almost fully recovered from your bronchitis.

We got all signed up for the Police Half, so that will be my first race this year. Although it would be nice to do a 10K---possibly the St Paddy Day Race.---Green Beer.

Hope you have a great day!!!

rocketpants said...

Glad you are feeling better and got quite a lot of stuff done. Hopefully you are totally on the mend.

Dave said...

Hey, Mr. T. called. He wants his necklaces back.

Neese said...

you were far more productive than I was the last few days :) hope you are feeling better!

Danielle said...

Oh, I want to see Atonement!! Sounds like you got a lot done in those 4 days...I love Friends, I actually bought all 10 seasons on was fun to rewatch them all in order.