Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy, Busy

Thanks so much for a lot of great advice for my first duathlon this weekend. I promise that first and foremost, I will have fun! This week has gotten off to a busy start.
Okay, well, Monday was a bit more laid back. After a late-ish long run on Sunday I decided to skip any running workouts on Monday and just went to hot yoga instead.
Hooray, the rain finally stopped! Time to get back on that bike! I want to up my biking mileage on my commute so instead I parked near the Dalhousie C-Train station and rode in from there. The ride in is mostly downhill and is about 7.8 mi or so. The only downfall of the ride right now is the copious amount of goose poop on the pathways from all the Canada Geese wandering around. Gotta watch out for that! Over lunch I went out for a 3 mile run which went pretty well. I really felt like I was plodding along but the Garmin said I was actually going kind of fast. Hmmm. The ride home has some pretty intense uphill sections but my legs are starting to feel a lot stronger on those hills now. I was home long enough to cook up a quick dinner, then rush off to boot camp. Sheena had been to a fitness conference over the weekend that talked about the importance of working the muscle to fatigue during weights, so her circuit incorporated 4 sets of every exercise for 1 min sets. We did hammer curls kneeling on a Bosu ball, deadlifts, shoulder flies, curtsy squats, squats with a medicine ball and triceps. Whew, I definitely felt all of those! We finished the night off with some running drills and some intense abs.
This morning I got up bright and early for a 3 miler around the neighborhood. My legs really noticed the hills, but all in all it was a good run. I rode in to work from Dalhousie again and really picked up a lot of speed today, despite pedaling into the wind for a good portion of the ride. Tonight I may try to go to hot yoga, but we shall see. My parents will be in town tomorrow night and I probably ought to try and make my place look a little presentable...!


Scott said...

You continue to amaze me with your workouts! I'm super jealous and very interested to hear about the duathlon experience...I've wanted to do one since getting my bike and I want lots of details from this weekend :)

teacherwoman said...

great week so far! Wahoo! Can't wait to hear about your duathlon!

TNTcoach Ken said...

So we should be seeing a change in your blog heading? You’re going to have so much fun at the duathlon.