Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not So Fast vs. Fast

Not So Fast:
I thought I would share a picture of my old ride with you. Here's my teal and pink Peugeot mountain bike circa the early 1990s. This poor thing was last ridden about three or four years ago when a few friends and I decided to head to Arkansas for a weekend of riding, hiking and general merriment. I can't believe I rode it that recently, it is in such bad shape... It was a beast getting up some of those hills in Arkansas. Bessie weighs in a 34.2 lbs. I can't find the key to remove the lock from the bike. Poor thing. I think her next stop will be the community bike center where they will either scavenge her for parts or polish her up to see if anyone else is interested in her.
And here's a shot of my new ride - my Kona Lisa RD bike. She's a wee bit lighter at 22.4 lbs. I love her... And she's definitely faster than ol' Bessie. I haven't really come up with a great name for her yet though. Any ideas?
Not So Fast:
I figured if I was going to be riding a fast bike I needed to look the part. I might not be fast, but that's not the point. While I dearly love my rather stylish CK sunglasses they don't exactly scream athlete. Sadly when you need prescription sunglasses your choice of athletic frames is pretty limited.
However, yay for Oakley that makes a huge selection of their sunnies with prescription lenses. Just find an official dealer and they will place the order directly with Oakley, for the same price that what you would pay if you bought them through Oakley's website. And they even lowered their pricing in Canada recently thanks to our strong dollar. A couple of weeks ago I stopped in at the optometrist and told him that I needed some sunglasses that would make me look speedy. What do you think? Convincing?
I can't believe how light weight these are, or how amazing the lenses are for clarity and colour. Incidentally, I have somehow or other wound up with three pairs of purple frames...


Tea said...

wow-I can't decide what is sexier....the bike or the glasses!

Sonia said...

wooooooooo I love them!! Purple is my fave color too so I'm a little bias... =)

I really like your bike! Nice ride =)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, that Canadian dollar must really be STRONG! Are you made of money? Ha, I love them all and may Bessie rest in peace.

warriorwoman said...

Tasty bike but both glasses do it for me.

RoadBunner said...

Very stylish!

She Who Makes Waves said...

...and the saying goes..."boys and their toys"! I think we need to revamp that one! What a fine looking bike!

rocketpants said...

very flash! Way cool new specs!