Sunday, December 13, 2009

Six Things for Sunday

Number 1

A little while ago I decided to upgrade my TV in my living room. I had a 30-something inch Acer that had been given to me, but it used to be a demo TV and the screen has issues. So when Costco was running a deal on a 40 inch Samsung LCD, plus get a Samsung blu-ray player for an extra $100 it seemed like a good deal. But now I had four TVs. The first TV I got when I moved away from home that is upstairs in my bedroom. The upgrade to TV number one, a 27” Sony flat screen that is hanging out in my garage for trainer workouts. Plus the Acer and the new Samsung. Four TVs for one person seems a bit excessive, right?My Spin Studio

Number 2

So I put an ad out to sell the 27” Sony last week. And here is the response I got back from someone:

“I am looking for a TV to donate to an elderly gentleman in a nursing home. As he doesn't have any family in Calgary nor does it appear he has anyone to visit him, he is always striking a conversation with people going by to find out the highlights of hockey games - for which he is very interested in and loves the game. Due to his eyesight not being what it used to be, he is unable to read the paper. Therefore, a thought was to try to find this gentleman a TV so he can enjoy watching a game and bring a little pleasure over the holiday season.”

So he came by and picked up the TV yesterday, and I’m happy that I was able to give it to someone who will get some enjoyment out of it.  The Acer is now hanging out in the garage.

Number 3

Things have been a little bit…arctic…in Calgary this week! Work (and a few fun activities too) sucked up all my time and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday wound up being rest days. Unless you count a bunch of walking that I did to get to meetings or pick up Christmas presents. It has been in the minus teens and twenties around here with snow falling off and on for what seems like about three weeks straight now. November was so beautiful that December is a bit of a shock.

Number 4

I managed to knock off a great trainer ride on Saturday morning. It involved a bunch of gear pyramids, which are always fun, and took me 55 minutes. Later in the day I dropped my bike off at Bow Cycle to have a few things adjusted – the derailleur needed to be repositioned as the chain was rubbing on it. An easy fix though. She’s also getting some new bar tape and will be cleaned and shined up.

Number 5

It would feel wrong to not run once all week, so I made it to the Y just as they were opening up at 7 am. Given that it was -28C (-18F) outside a treadmill run was really the only option. At least I got to run in shorts though! I hopped on for 30 fun filled minutes. I kept cranking up the speed as the run went along and watched the visual display show me as a little red dot running around a track. Talk about boring! You are running on a treadmill, visualizing yourself running round and around on a track…

Number 6

And reserves are coming along. Everyone keeps asking how they are going but it is really hard to quantify. The best I can say is that they HAVE to be done by December 18th. And that I’m getting on a plane at 8 pm on December 18th. And that I’ll most likely pass out the entire way after being so sleep deprived for so long..!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Ha ha ha I thought when I first saw this post "Wow, that's odd to have a car in your loungeroom...".

That's a lovely way to give your tv away. There will be some good karma coming your way, I'm sure.

The countdown is on! I can't wait to meet up soon!

lindsay said...

lol to mel's comment.

yes. 4 tv's is probably a bit much ;) very sweet of you to find what sounds like a good person to donate to!

glad is all is going well... well, minus the sometimes-boring workouts thanks to old man winter. i am not a fan of those treadmills with the "track" on them. takes me too long to make it around! :)

Alexandra said...

Such a wonderful gift you gave to the old gentleman!

Running on a treadmill while visualizing running around a track makes me dizzy!

Now, just to get this work week over with! Friday night will be here before you know it and you will be well on your way!

Julie said...

You should see how many keyboards and computer monitors we have -- TRULY BLOODY SHOCKING. I have a HUGE Rubbermaid container FULL of just keyboards.

Treadmill running isn't so bad if you do it in front of a mirror. It's really helped me hone my running form...I've been doing all my runs on the tready -- by the way, I noticed you have the exact same taste in music as me! You think you could send me a list of more songs off your iPod? I need new music!! :) :) :)

Beth said...

I'm sure the old man will love watching his own hockey. That makes me smile. :)

teacherwoman said...

Glad you were able to find a good use for the extra tv!

And, BRRRR! you guys are cold up there!

Marlene said...

Aw, sounds like the TV is going to a good home. That's great! Enjoy the new one + Blu Ray!

Good luck with the ongoing work!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That is REALLY nice of you to give your TV to such a good cause.

Looking outside today I am SCAREd to go out.. UGHO!!

Thankfully Marathon training starts next month..

Road Warrior said...

I can answer your first question, Leana: 4 TVs is absolutely not too many for one person. We gotta have our entertainment. I say be proud of it!

Great job getting those workouts in w/ the craziness of the weather and job.

Alisa said...

Brrrrrrrrrrr! That is artic.

At one point I think we had 5 TV's it's okay.

I am really hoping Santa brings me a trainer so I can do something similar and set up a place for trainer rides.

Ali said...

I love the tv story, the perfect time of year.

It's been a bit cold here too ... nothing like calgary, but I am already over winter.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

So nice of you with the TV, that's awesome, funny that you had 4! Can't believe how cold it is out your way!! Stay warm!

Badgergirl said...

Love the TV story. I hope the man enjoys getting his chance to watch hockey.

And those temps? That's downright frigid.

Keith said...

Zero TV's. Three computer monitors, one of which is hooked up to a DVD player. Nice donation, I'm sure it will make him very happy.

Mike Russell said...

I can stomach treadmill running as long as I have something to think about while I am running...

And running outside in Calgary in the winter? You would have to be nuts! Nuts I tell you!

Rainmaker said...

Good to see you were able to gift the TV instead of tossing it. They are downright hard to get rid of here. I actually just tossed away two on Monday, and will toss away four computer monitors this weekend. PITA!