Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Randoms

  • I decided to try a new online training log a few weeks back. I noticed that both Rocketpants and Speed Racer have funky workout summaries on their blog. With the addition of the bike to my workouts I wasn't really happy with how my old Nike Training Log was keeping track of things so I sussed out Buckeye Outdoors courtesy of those two bloggers. So far so good. At first I wasn't going to post my workout box on my blog, but what better motivation than to make sure that I had something to show besides a big, fat "no workouts" listed on the side of my blog?
  • By the way, speaking of the bike... I promise that once the snow goes away I'll be back in the saddle and posting more miles on my new set of wheels.
  • I finally ponied up the cash to register for my next full marathon - Marathon Des Deux Rives in Quebec City on August 24th. Training for the full officially starts right after the Minnie Marathon 15K next weekend. This year is the 400th anniversary of Quebec City and celebrations are planned all year long. What better time to go run their marathon? Is anyone else running Quebec City? I don't think it is a huge event, but I was really just looking for an excuse to visit.
  • Speaking of anniversaries....I don't know how I missed it, but yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Runner Leana. Actually...initially it used to be Runner Gal Leana, but as I realized that I am swiftly approaching my 30th birthday I wasn't sure if I was really allowed to use the term "gal" anymore. So now I'm just Runner Leana. And less than a month away from thirty. I fully expect the next decade to be full of even more fabulousness than my twenties held, so bring it on.
  • And finally, Sarah Elaine tagged me awhile ago on this and I finally had a chance to respond. The idea is to come up with your own six word memoir. Here's mine:
  • Achieve balance, remember who you are.
  • A few years back I wasn't always the best at having a balance between work and my personal life, but now I strive for it. I don't want to be so consumed with work that I forget who I am, and what is important to me. So there you go, my six word memoir.


Bill said...

Hey -- I'll be running the Go Red For Women 5K next weekend, and my wife (holo lkaiki) will be running the 15K. We'll have to be on the lookout for you!

Scott said...

Hi! Love the randoms! Very exciting to see that you are headed right into a full marathon training right after Minnie...that should keep you busy this summer :) LOVE the 6 word memoir idea and yours is great! I may have to steal the idea myself and come up with one of my own (somethin g other than "really love cookies and ice cream") Have a good weekend!

teacherwoman said...

Congrats on your 1-year anniversary! :)

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to Runner Leana! So jealous you're heading back to Orlando!

Runner Leana said...

Bill - Definitely, please say hi! Best of luck to you both at the races.

Scott - Consider yourself tagged for a 6 word memoir if you wish! My SIL said she loved the phrase too. It really speaks a lot to me at this point in time.

Teacherwoman and Sandra - Thanks for the happy wishes!

rocketpants said...

I think you can always be 'gal' :-). Nothing wrong with 30, I say that everyday.

I forget sometimes that people actually read that side bar. But I do agree, when I look at my blog, It is some motivation to see miles and stuff going on. I like Buckeye, but there are some bugs too.

Danielle said...

I think you can still be runner gal at 30!! So you're a May birthday too? Cool!! Best month of the year.

runningag said...

Hi Runner Leana, I'll run Quebec City too this year. If you have any question about it, do not hesitate to ask me, because I know a bit about this race and Quebec City. It will be my first full there, but I ran the half 3 times.