Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ready to go!

First off, thanks so much everyone for the congratulations on the PR this weekend! It feels great to finally beat my time from my first 5K race EVER. After the race was over the day was too nice to waste so a bike ride was in order. Neil and I rode from Dalhousie in the NW along the pathways to Edworthy Park, then down in to Marda Loop in the SW for just about 10 mi. There were some pretty good hills along the way, going both up and down. We stopped in at Original Joe's in Marda Loop for some chicken wings and sweet potato fries that tasted so good. Afterwards it was back on the bikes to return to the NW. On the way back - kind of a scary moment - Neil and I were riding down Home Road and crossing 16th Ave. A woman coming towards us wanted to make a left hand turn onto 16th Ave in front of us. She started her turn as Neil was in the intersection, then saw him and stopped. She didn't see me right behind him and she started her turn again just as I was in the intersection. Luckily she saw me in time but it sure felt like a close call. We were the only ones in our lane so we should have been pretty visible, but obviously she wasn't paying attention. After that the hills to get back to Dalhousie...intense! My legs were pretty well shot after the ride was over.
Yesterday was a designated rest day so nothing noteworthy to report.
Tonight I have BBC (maybe a run beforehand, but we'll see), then am catching a red eye out to Toronto and arriving in Orlando tomorrow afternoon. I am so ready for this trip! For those of you that will be at the 5K and 15K this weekend, I hope to see you there (Audrey, Bill, holo lkaiki, Maddy, Scott)! Please say hi if you recognize me. I'll be wearing a pink shirt and a blue running skirt at the 5K, and a red skirt and black tank top at the 15K.


holowahini said...

Hmm, maybe I should try to figure out what I'll be wearing!! Okay, at the 5k, shorts and an Auburn tshirt (I'm a designated Gatorade holder for B) and at the 15k... hmm... black running skirt and a hot pink top. (There, you just helped me pack!) I'm so excited for your PR and hope I run into you in Orlando!!!

Scott said...

Leana - Congrats again on the PR!! I hope you have a safe trip down to Orlando. We'll be there tomorrow afternoon as well :) 5k - Rock n Roll San Jose green shirt...15k - red Sugoi shirt, black shorts. Hope Amy and I get a chance to say hello to you!

Speed Racer said...

Yippee! I'm so glad that snazzy new bike is getting some play. That's so scary about the car, especially since the same woman did it TWICE. I try to make eye contact with all the motorists coming towards me, but sometimes there isn't much you can do if they insist on being idiots!

Good luck this weekend. I'm sure you're going to kick some booty! And beware of that US border control. Turns out Canada IS another country after all ;)

Morgan said...

Yay, have a wonderful time and a great race!!! I am so excited for all you Minnie racers!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

You already know what you’re wearing? Have a great time and enjoy the warm weather!

rocketpants said...

Enjoy the race and congrats on the PR! My computer ate my comment yesterday.

Angry Runner said...


sniff, sniff, tear